H5P activities list

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2Familiarity with open pedagogy, principles and practicesDrag the Words
3Test your understandingMultiple Choice
4Check your understanding - Open PedagogyMultiple Choice
5Check your understanding - Open Pedagogy 2Multiple Choice
6Open Pedagogy Question SetQuestion Set
7Open Pedagogy PlanDocumentation Tool
8Evaluating OER quizQuestion Set
10Cape Town 10.1 - Communicating Open: taking the message of open education to the mainstreamAccordion
12Accessibility QuizQuestion Set
13The 5 Rs of Open Education ResourcesDrag the Words
14The ALMS Framework.Drag the Words
15Adapting, creating and sharing OER QuizQuestion Set
16Cape Town 10.2 - Empowering the Next Generation: the open education movement must put the next generation at its coreAccordion
17Cape Town 10.3 - Connecting with Other Open Movements: Open education can grow stronger through collaboration with allied movementsAccordion
18Cape Town 10.4 - Open Education for Development: Unlocking new opportunities for education in support of developmentAccordion
19Cape Town 10.5 - Open Pedagogy: Harnessing the power of open in teaching and learning practicesAccordion
20Cape Town 10.6 - Thinking Outside the Institution: Enabling everyone, everywhere, to learn anythingAccordion
21Cape Town 10.7 - Data and Analytics: Exploring the intersection of open content, open data, and open learning analyticsAccordion
22Cape Town 10.8 - Beyond the Textbook - Building the open learning materials of the futureAccordion
23Cape Town 10.9 - Opening Up Publicly Funded Resources: Publicly funded educational resources should be openly licensed by defaultAccordion
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