H5P activities list

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17.1 Test your understandingQuestion Set
27.2.2 Test your understandingDrag the Words
37.2.2 Test your understandingQuestion Set
4Interpret formulas to identify organic substancesMultiple Choice
5Drag the organic substances to the left box, drag non-organic substances to the right.Drag and Drop
6The properties of sucrose: organic or not organic?Summary
7What is so special about carbon?Single Choice Set
8How many hydrogens in these formulas?Flashcards
9Interpreting organic structuresFind the Hotspot
10interpreting skeletal structuresImage Hotspots
11Select structure from nameImage Choice
12Structure from name 2Image Choice
13select structure from name 3Image Choice
14Select structure from name 4Image Choice
15Select isomers from a set of structuresImage Choice
16Is this structure an isomer of [mol formula]?True/False Question
17identify functional group from structuresDialog Cards
18primary secondary tertiary alcoholsImage Choice
19determine functional groups from suffixQuestion Set
20Alkanes names and structuresQuestion Set
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