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Robyn Martin

  1.  The value of partnering with the community

Ronnie Egan, Betty Haralambous and Patrick O’Keeffe

  2.  Challenges, opportunities and partnerships: A summary of literature exploring field education academics’ responses to Covid-19

Patrick O’Keeffe, Emily Heales, Sobika Baskarathas, Scott Thompson and Caroline Jerono

  3.  Field Education and Covid-19: How RMIT responded to a crisis within a crisis.

Margareta Windisch and Rob Cunningham

  4.  Afri-Aus Care

Selba Gondoza-Luka

  5.  African Family Services

Melvi Saji

  6.  Australian Filipino Community Services (AFCS): Mateship and Bayanihan Service Online

Norminda Forteza

  7.  Forensicare RMIT Social Work partnership: Flourishing through the pandemic

Shelley Turner

  8.  Sacred Heart Mission

Trevor Skerry and Jane Bakos

  9.  South East Community Links

Christina Ryan and Carolyn McAlister

10.  Tangentyere Council

Carmel Simpson, Maree Corbo and Chay Brown

11.  Victorian Arabic Social Services

Evelyn Dowling and Kieran Hough

12.  Youthlaw Social Work placements

Ariel Couchman

13.  Youth Projects

Ginetta Mammarella

14.  Workforce Innovation and Development Institute

Jessica Lee-Ack




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