8 Academic Integrity

RMIT University is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity.  As an open publication author, you will be modelling these standards for your students and others in the broader academic community.

Acknowledging sources

You will be familiar with the need to acknowledge sources in academic work using in-text citations and references.  There is an added dimension in creating open educational resources which use Creative Commons licensed materials. These need an attribution which meets the terms of the licence under which they have been released. The RMIT Open Press Style Guide details the different purposes of academic referencing and open licence attribution.  It also spells out how to use these to meet different acknowledgement purposes. Take the time to become familiar with our requirements, and understand when and how to use citations, references and attributions to correctly acknowledge your sources.

Intellectual property and copyright

If you plan to use intellectual property (IP) that results from your work at RMIT you need to be aware of the University’s position on IP ownership.  You may not have the right to include such material in an openly published book without permission, even when you developed the work yourself.

You also need to be mindful of who owns copyright for work you have done yourself.  Copyright of published research generally belongs to either the researcher or to the publisher, whereas the copyright of learning and teaching materials produced by RMIT staff generally belongs to the University.

See the RMIT Intellectual Property Policy, and contact the RMIT Open Publishing Team for advice if you plan to use IP or copyright material that you have developed.


As a last step prior to publication the RMIT Open Publishing Team will download and submit your text to iThenticate to scan for inclusion of third-party text. The Team will provide you with the similarity report for review.



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