9 Quality and Peer Review

As authors you will be required to arrange peer review of your completed manuscript prior to publication.

Preferably, reviewers should be external to the author’s school and include at least one reviewer external to RMIT University. They may include other scholars and/or relevant industry experts.

Authors are responsible for identifying reviewers, co-ordinating the supply of the manuscript to reviewers, the receipt of reviewers’ reports, and the incorporation of feedback. The RMIT Open Publishing Team can facilitate access to the resource in Pressbooks, and can assist by advising on procedure, tools, and suggesting timing.

Issues for consideration by reviewers include:

  • comprehensiveness
  • content accuracy
  • relevance and longevity
  • clarity
  • consistency
  • modularity
  • structure and flow
  • navigation
  • grammar and spelling
  • diversity and inclusion.[1]

The RMIT Open Publishing Team will provide you with a supporting documents and templates.

Consistent with an open ethos, you should consider acknowledging the work of your peer reviewers by adding them as contributors in your front matter.

  1. Adapted from "B.C. Open Textbooks Review Rubric [Word file]" by BCcampus Open Education is licensed under CC BY 4.0 / A derivative from the original work


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