10 The role of authors

Authors are responsible for creating the content of their work.  They also have a number of other responsibilities:

  • Submit an Expression of Interest to the Library using the RMIT Open Press – Expression of Interest form.
  • Sign an  Author’s copyright and Creative Commons publication licence (“deed”) for both written and artistic content. These formal documents confirm copyright will be retained by the authors, sets the type of Creative Commons License, and assigns a due date for completion of the work.
  • Sign other formal agreements as directed by the RMIT Open Publishing Team.
  • Commit to regular meetings with the RMIT Open Publishing Team to coordinate workflows and exchange updates on progress, in line with the 7 stages of the CAUL OER Collective publishing workflow.
  • Follow this Open Publishing Toolkit for Authors and the RMIT Open Press Style Guide.
  • Write with best practice for accessibility and inclusive design in mind.
  • Complete all copy-editing and proofreading to a standard suitable for peer-review and final publication.
  • Coordinate students to contribute content, if the OER is part of an open assessment.
  • Record all third-party works in a Content Copyright Tracker so that the Library can check for copyright compliance.
  • Create ancillary resources such as videos, slides, teacher guides and student resources. Authors are encouraged to work with the college Learning and Teaching teams who can be invited as collaborators.
  • Make chapter glossaries, bibliographies, indexes, and/or additional front and back matter where appropriate.
  • Design a cover or use a template cover designed by the RMIT Open Publishing Team.
  • Coordinate peer review of your work, and sensitivity reading where appropriate.


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