3 Style and licence requirements

The RMIT Open Press style

The RMIT Open Press style is preferred when preparing your manuscript. Using the RMIT Open Press Style Guide will assist in an efficient editorial and copywriting process as well as improving the readability of your work

However, we are flexible about the use of our style and we do not enforce its use. If you feel strongly that something should be a certain way, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with us. For example, it may be that you have a manuscript substantially completed, or there are protocols in your field which you find are not compatible with our guide. The RMIT Open Publishing Team will be happy to work with you to adopt your preferences, as long as the manuscript is reader-friendly and meets inclusivity and accessibility standards.

Whichever style you use, it should be fully documented.  The RMIT Open Press Style Guide includes a style sheet where you can record style decisions. This is important for streamlining the RMIT Open Publishing Team’s work with you.

Meeting your Creative Commons licence obligations

When planning for your publication you will have considered what Creative Commons licence you want to apply to your finished work. As you prepare your manuscript, ensure that you understand the licence requirements of all third-party resources that you intend to use.  See the OER Capability Toolkit for more information on copyright and Creative Commons licence types.

Preferably, all the resources you use will be compatible with your intended Creative Commons licence.  If this is not possible, you will need to state case-by-case licence exceptions within your text for resources that are not compatible.  In limited cases, it may be possible to seek permission from copyright or licence holders to include their work under your chosen Creative Commons licence with special permission. Contact the RMIT Open Publishing Team can for advice on this.

Record all third-party materials you intend to use in the Content Copyright Tracker and submit this with your manuscript.

Note that copyright and Creative Commons licence obligations also apply to your own work if it was originally produced for a different purpose, including for other teaching materials or academic publications.  See Chapter 8 in this Toolkit for more on Intellectual Property and Copyright.



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