4 Keeping Track of Your Project

Track your content creation

It is essential as you work that you keep track of your project and record progress systematically.

Pre-publication checklist

There are a number of elements you will need to have ready before RMIT Open Press can publish your book:

  • author and contributor details
  • front and back matter, including an Acknowledgement of Country and licence statement
  • signed author IP and consent agreements
  • other formal agreements with contributors and third parties as required
  • consultation with First Nations sources where applicable for appropriate acknowledgement
  • editorial review of grammar, spelling, readability, inclusivity, accessibility and acknowledgement of sources – see the RMIT Open Press Style Guide for requirements
  • ethics approval and evidence of experimental subject consent if necessary
  • Content Copyright Tracker and copyright permissions where applicable
  • peer review of your finished manuscript
  • high resolution copies of any image files included in the publication

The RMIT Open Publishing Team will supply you with a  Pre-Publication Checklist which gives details all the things to be finalised. You can use the checklist to keep track of tasks and it can be submitted with your request for final pre-publication review of your work.


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