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What is a researcher profile?

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A researcher profile is the publicly accessible profile of your professional academic works and achievements. A researcher profile enables information about you, your work and career to be visible and accessible, encouraging collaboration, and providing measures of your impact and engagement. A researcher profile will bring together your research outputs on a single platform, making your work easier to find.

An identifier is a unique number (e.g. 16 digit ORCID iD), or persistent URL. Whilst a profile is the body of information that is associated with an identifier.

Benefits of a researcher profile

Each researcher profile has different strengths, together they can:

  • increase the visibility of your research
  • improve your chance of being cited
  • improve your citation metrics
  • ensure correct attribution, reducing the number of name variations
  • connect you to new collaborators / funders
  • increase your employment opportunities
  • increase your standing within your field of study beyond RMIT University
  • link your work from different sites to one place.

Types of profiles

Researcher profiles are an essential component of an academic career and there are a few types that can be created and interlinked.

This module will explore the common researcher profiles:

  • ORCID iD
  • Scopus Author ID
  • Web of Science Researcher Profile
  • Google Scholar Profile


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