Conducting a Systematic Review

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Welcome to this online module on how to conduct a systematic review. The module provides an overview of the key components and the process you need to follow when conducting a systematic review. Briefly covered are developing the research question and the protocol, aspects of searching, performing the analysis, and reporting findings.


Learning objectives

The module will help you: 

  • understand what a systematic review is
  • know the difference between a systematic review and a literature review
  • know the various steps involved in conducting a systematic review
  • develop your research question and protocol
  • learn about resources and strategies when searching the literature
  • to understand the selection and evaluation processes of the included studies.

The course materials include information, videos, and learning activities that explore key features of conducting a systematic review.

This module should take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Work through each section using the navigation footer (i.e. previous/next), or use the contents menu to select a particular section.

Upon completion, please help us improve this module by taking a moment to complete the feedback form provided at the end.

You may also be interested in viewing the additional resources about Systematic Reviews in the Explore Further chapter at the end of this module. Provided is a webinar recorded from the Library’s ‘PhD Up!’ program (now called Research Plus), a short video introducing systematic reviews, and the associated library guide.

Please note that the examples used in this module are related to the discipline of health sciences, but the principles of this research methodology may be applied to other areas.


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