Planning where to publish

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Setting objectives

So, you are undertaking your research and are starting to consider where you will publish. To make this decision it is worth spending some time thinking about why you want to publish. For example, is it to:

  • build a publishing record?
  • contribute to new knowledge?
  • disseminate research findings?
  • increase your research profile or impact?


Watch this video in the section below, of Dr Anne Jamison, a lecturer and researcher from the Western Sydney University, talking about the publishing process.

While watching have paper and pen ready and write down your three main reasons for deciding to publish your research.


Getting published: a researcher’s guide (12:22 mins)

Getting published: a researcher’s guide (12:22 min) by Graduate Research School Western Sydney University (YouTube)

Which type of publication should you choose?

It is important to select a suitable type of publication for communicating your research, so consider which is the most appropriate forum.

Depending on your discipline, the following types of publications may be suitable for your research:

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    Articles in peer-reviewed journals are generally well regarded in all subject areas, and are often the most prominent method for communicating research.

  • Books and book chapters are considered favourably for researchers in most disciplines, and feature prominently in social sciences, humanities, art, design, media and communications.
  • Conference papers are often the most widely valued in computer science.
  • Other media might also be appropriate for writing about your research. For example, an article in The Conversation or a post on a relevant blog could provide excellent forums for reaching a wider audience.

Each of these publication types are appropriate for a particular purpose. The focus of this module is publishing a journal article. 

Further publishing considerations

Further important considerations to take into account for your situation when publishing:

  • Do you have co-researchers or co-authors? Are there any issues relating to the authorship of your publication that you need to consider or resolve? See this article on authorship (login required) from the RMIT Researcher Portal.
  • How long does the process take from submission to publication? Will this be important to you and your co-authors?
  • Are there any copyright implications relating to the publication of your research output?
  • Do you have any funding requirements that will impact on where you publish? For example, are you required to publish open access?


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