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Congratulations on completing this module. We have explored some common tools used to create author profiles and identifiers. These allow you to bring together and link your research outputs.

The module included setting up an ORCID iD, which acts as a universal identifier, and linking ORCID to other identifiers such as Scopus Author ID, Web of Science Researcher Profile, and your Google Scholar Profile.

Further assistance

Individual assistance – For more assistance in setting up your researcher profiles contact the Library by submitting a Request Research Assistance form. 

Library guide – Additional information is available from the online library guide Researcher Profiles and ORCID.

Learn more

You may also be interested in viewing the webinar recording Bringing your researcher profiles together with ORCID (46 mins).

The Researcher Capability Development has a suite of online modules, explore the offerings on Impact.


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What’s next?

You have completed this module on Setting Up a Researcher Profile. You can return to the Research and Writing Hub to choose another module to complete.


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