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We have explored some key techniques for self-management and research management that will help you throughout your research degree. You can refer to this module and repeat its activities throughout your candidature to help you manage relationships, ideas and workloads as you progress through your research journey.

Further assistance

The RMIT University Library provides ongoing assistance to HDR candidates at RMIT through our Library Research Services consultation service and online resources.

Individual assistance – For more assistance with managing your research, contact the Library by submitting a Request Research Assistance form.

For further advice, training and support, check out the Library support for researchers. This self-paced training offers a structured yet flexible learning experience, allowing  you to enhance your research skills at your own pace.

Learn more

You may be interested in the webinar Getting Started with Your Research (40 mins) recorded from the Library’s ‘PhD Up!’ program (now called Research Plus).

Further information and resources on time management can be found in the Learning Lab.


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You have completed this module on Managing Yourself and Your Research. You can return to the Research and Writing Hub to choose another module to complete.


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