Selecting resources to search

Library subject guides

The Library’s subject guides are good starting points for research. They list relevant databases and other resources relevant for different subject areas.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to ‘What’s a Library Subject Guide?

What’s a Library Subject Guide? (1:13 mins)

What’s a Library Subject Guide? (1:12 mins) by RMIT University (YouTube)


The following image shows how to locate Subject Guides from the Library homepage.

Screen capture of Library website


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Topic-specific guides

Explore topic-specific guides such as:

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Research guides

There is also a range of Research guides that include:

  • Altmetrics
  • Finding and obtaining theses
  • HDR students
  • Research Data Management
  • Research Metrics
  • Researcher Profiles and ORCID iDs
  • Starting your literature review
  • Staying current with your research
  • Strategic Publishing
  • Systematic Reviews.



  1. Go to the Library homepage and find a subject guide relevant to your research area.
  2. Does that subject guide list any databases that might be useful for your research topic?


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