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Congratulations on completing this module. We looked at the way research writers use premises and claims to build arguments in academic writing. We also covered the importance of positioning your own work by identifying the gap in the field and we looked at the significance of thesis statements and why they are essential in research.

Further assistance

Individual assistance – For more assistance with your writing, make a time to see an Academic Skills Adviser in the Library by submitting a Request Research Assistance form.

The module Developing an Effective Research Proposal explores formulating research questions in more depth.

This 50 minute recording of a Research Plus session on Literature Reviews covers how to position yourself in the literature.

Further information and resources on developing academic writing can be found in the Learning Lab. You may also be interested in exploring some more learning activities related to writing with authority in the Learning Lab.


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For more on how to write an argument in research writing, consult the following resources:


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You have completed this module on the Research Proposal. To choose another module to complete, you can return to the Research and Writing Hub.


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