ORCID: a must have profile

What is ORCID?

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The ORCID iD, formed from the acronym Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifier, is a unique identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher. Unlike other researcher profiles, ORCID is controlled by you and can be a comprehensive reflection of your research.

Use ORCID to display your:

  • affiliation and employment
  • research interests and projects
  • invited positions, awards and prizes
  • membership of academic or professional societies
  • grant funding
  • research outputs such as journal articles, books and book chapters, conference papers, as well as other non-traditional research outputs (NTROs) such as creative works.

Example ORCID profile

Meredith Tharapos’ ORCID profile is an example of how to add content to different fields.

When manually adding works into your ORCID profile, you should always first enter identifiers into the ‘identifier value field’ (this is the part that Altmetric looks at!) and not the ‘identifier URL field. Usually, the identifier URL field will automatically be populated once you have entered the identifier value field.

ORCID iDs can also be used to connect with:

  • publishers – ORCID iDs are often requested when submitting manuscripts and conference papers
  • other online profiles such as your RMIT profile, LinkedIn, personal website, or database profile
  • research funding systems such as the ARC’s Research Management System (RMS).

Watch this video to discover more about ORCID iDs and the benefit of creating one for yourself.

What is ORCID? (4:17 mins)

What is ORCID? (4:17 mins) from ORCID on Vimeo.



If you already have an ORCID profile how might you improve it?

What other information might you add to make your profile more comprehensive?


For HDR Candidates

Find an ORCID profile for a researcher at RMIT, maybe your supervisor’s profile.

How could they improve on their profile?

What other information could they add to make their profile more comprehensive?



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