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Dr Durga Dharmadana (she/her) is a Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science and an Academic Skills Advisor in Chemistry at RMIT University. She obtained her PhD in Biomedical Science from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Durga’s research focuses on peptide and protein aggregation under various physiological, disease, and formulation conditions. She holds a master’s degree in chemistry and a bachelor’s in pharmacy. Durga teaches pharmacology and pharmaceutical science-based courses at RMIT and explores integrating digital tools into university teaching to enhance student engagement and the overall learning experience.

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Jack Benci (he/him) is an Academic Skills Advisor and an established Geelong educator in STEM and business management. On the front lines of education, Benci strives to create memorable learning experiences for students through extravagant case studies, engaging delivery style and deep interpersonal relationships. Benci’s previous works include reviewing and revising marine extraction methodologies of gamma-emitting radioisotopes with the Australia Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. Benci is currently completing his final year of a Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry)/Bachelor of Business (Management).

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Matthew Millis (he/him) is a Language Educator and Learning Designer who currently assists RMIT’s students in developing their academic skills and also develops learning materials. With a strong interest in inclusion and equity, he is dedicated to creating resources that provide learners with the tools needed for study success. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Languages), a Master of Translation Studies (Spanish to English), and a Graduate Diploma in Education.

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Joshua Muir (he/him) is a Biomedical Scientist and Academic Writing Advisor with a strong passion for modernising higher education and driving meaningful conversations about AI in academia. He has lofty dreams of becoming a psychiatrist, and in pursuit of this goal, he has a Bachelor of Biomedicine and is near completion of an Honours degree from Victoria University, researching mannan-based vaccines for treating methamphetamine addiction.

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Jiawen (Yolanda) Qu (she/her) is an Academic Skills Advisor and a science/mathematics teacher. She is passionately dedicated to help students enhance their academic skills and foster a student-centred learning environment. Jiawen is committed to developing educational resources and actively involving students with diverse cultural backgrounds in the learning process. She holds a bachelor’s degree in science from Otago University and a master’s degree in teaching from Adelaide University.

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Professor Charlotte Conn  | Research and Innovation, RMIT University

Professor Sylvia Urban | Professor, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Science, RMIT University

Dr Celine Valery | Senior Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Science, RMIT University

Dr Andrew Hung | Senior Lecturer, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Science, RMIT University

Dr Brendan Dyett | Research Fellow, Research and Innovation, RMIT University


The authors gratefully acknowledge the open publishing team at RMIT University Library, especially Julian Blake, Jane Halson, and Jennifer Hurley, for their invaluable guidance throughout this project.

Additionally, a sincere appreciation is owed to Anna Bicknell, Senior Coordinator of Study Support at RMIT University Library, for her advice and unwavering support in developing this resource.




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