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Sammie, Hayden, and their six advisors are ready to get to work and start preparing for the best festival Salty Creek has ever seen! Get to know the Festival Planning Committee…



Read through the team’s profiles to learn more about them or select a character’s avatar image to jump to their profile. You can also listen to each person introducing themselves and explaining their part on the team.

If a character’s profile interests you – make sure to check out what tasks they’re tackling on the festival map.


Banner says Festival Organiser Co-lead and has a smiling cartoon image of Sammie

Sammie (they/them)

Age: 21

Studying: Business (event management) + Law (business and environmental)

Skills: decision making and problem solving, organisation and planning, IT proficiency, communication

Interests: legal TV dramas, teaching others, sustainability, uplifting regional communities, accessibility, cats

Festival tasks: event management, communicating with contributors and stakeholders, working with advisors

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Banner says Festival Organiser Co-lead and has a smiling cartoon image of Hayden.

Hayden (he/him)

Age: 22

Studying: Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)

Skills: communication, presentations, social media marketing, digital content creation, graphic design

Interests: digital media, design principles, art, cooking with native Aussie ingredients, meeting new people, live music

Festival tasks: Assisting the volunteers and contributors with communication and design questions, communicating with stakeholders, collaborating with organisers and volunteers, ensuring the wellbeing of staff and volunteers

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Banner says Engineering and Safety Advisor and has a smiling cartoon image of Mia.

Mia (she/her)

Age: 29

Profession: Environmental Engineer and Advisor

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental), Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations

Skills: evaluation and analysis, mathematics, physics, research, attention to detail

Interests: reading, researching solutions to environmental threats, debating, trains and transport innovations, ethics, animals

Festival tasks: monitoring the setup of the site, working with the stage sound and lighting crew, organising the Engineering Industry Booth.

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Banner says On-site GP and Health Advisor and has a smiling cartoon image of James.

James (he/him)

Age: 33

Profession: Community GP

Qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing, Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Skills: Problem solving, critical thinking, medical expertise, interpersonal communication, teaching others

Interests: science fiction novels, the future of the medical industry, robotics and virtual reality, 3D printing, advocating for rural healthcare services

Festival tasks: setting up the first aid tent, training and coordinating the health volunteers, organising the Health Sector Industry Booth

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Banner says Budget and Marketing Advisor and has a smiling cartoon image of Bo.

Bo (he/they)

Age: 25

Profession: Sustainability Advisor (intern)

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (Marketing), MA in Environmental Economics (in progress)

Skills: online communication, online marketing, budgeting, finance, economics, statistics, digital content creation

Interests: sustainability, social media content creation, musical theatre, blogging

Festival tasks: assisting with budgeting and ordering, ticket data, attendee surveys, demographics, marketing, organising the Economics and Marketing Industry Booth

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Banner says Community Engagement Advisor and has a smiling cartoon image of Cara.

Cara (she/her)

Age: 39

Profession: Youth and Community Specialist

Qualifications: Certificate III Community Services, Diploma of Youth Work, MA Social Work

Skills: mentoring, face-to-face communication, organisation, cultural competence, active listening

Interests: Art and storytelling, local uplift, community groups, accessibility, travel shows, social justice and advocacy

Festival tasks: bringing people together, contacting community leaders, organising talent gallery, communicating with local talents, businesses and schools, engagement in local community, organising the Social Sector Industry Booth.

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