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Use the table below to search for learning objects which focus on a specific subject and/or skills and knowledge. You can sort each column of the table, or use the search bar to get a list of one category.

Object Name Subject Skills and Knowledge Learning Lab Alignment
Assigning volunteers to work areas Event management Maths
Calculating medicine dosage Health Maths
Calculating noise levels Event management, Engineering Physics
Constructing an access ramp Event management, Engineering Maths
Evaluating market information Marketing Critical thinking, Research skills
Giving a presentation Communication Presenting
Job advertisement: Aerospace Engineer – Spacecraft Careers, Engineering Critical thinking, maths, time management
Job advertisement: Business Resilience Officer Careers, Economics Writing, collaboration
Job advertisement: Digital Marketing Assistant Careers, Marketing Time management
Job advertisement: Health Economics Research Assistant Careers, Economics, Health Writing, collaboration
Ordering hand sanitiser Event management Maths
Mind mapping an artist statement Art & Design Writing, study skills
Recognising flawed arguments Sustainability, Communication Critical thinking
Studying economics Q&As Economics Online skills, Time management
Talking about fast fashion and sustainability Sustainability Critical thinking, sustainability literacy
Skimming and scanning Communication Reading
Thinking critically when treating patients Health Critical thinking
Using clear and concise language Communication Writing
Working out a marketing budget Accounting, Marketing Maths
Working with coloured lights Engineering, Art & Design Critical thinking, Colour theory
Writing an artist statement Art & Design Writing
Job advertisement: Civil Engineer – Transportation Careers, Engineering Maths, collaboration, online skills
Job advertisement: Mechanical Engineer Careers, Engineering Maths, time management, writing
Working in the social sector Q&As Careers, Social studies Critical thinking, online skills, time management
Job advertisement: Graduate Radiographer Careers, Health Online skills, writing, physics
Job advertisement: Research associate – Virology Careers, Health Critical thinking, research skills, presenting
Job advertisement: Graduate Nurse Program Careers, Health Critical thinking, writing
Presenting in an online meeting Communication Online skills, presenting
Job advertisement: Schools Speech Pathologist Careers, Health, Social studies Critical thinking, writing, online skills
Job advertisement: Social Policy Officer – Community Wellbeing Careers, Social studies Critical thinking, writing, research skills
Job advertisement: Mental Health Promotion Officer Careers, Social studies, Health Sustainability literacy, collaboration, research skills
Using a risk assessment matrix Engineering, Event management Critical thinking
Using accessible colour in design Art & Design, Communication Colour theory
Making a festival sustainable Sustainability Sustainability literacy
Creating your own sustainability goals Sustainability Sustainability literacy
Minimising festival waste with a systems thinking approach Sustainability, Event management Sustainability literacy
Highlighting the sustainable benefits of health technology Health, Sustainability, Careers Sustainability literacy
Using eco-friendly practices in art Sustainability, Art & Design Sustainability literacy
Visualising survey data with charts and graphs Event management Maths
Writing a report Communication, Event management Writing
Exploring innovation and sustainability in agricultural technology Sustainability, Engineering Sustainability literacy
Moving heavy equipment safely Event management, Engineering Maths, physics
Managing social media responsibly Communication, Social Studies Critical thinking, online skills, research skills
Investigating the reliability of online health information Communication, Health Critical thinking, online skills, research skills


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