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Supply and sourcing

  • Do you estimate how much food you will need for a day or a week?
  • Do you write a shopping list before heading to the supermarket?
  • Do you eat in-season, locally grown or made products when you can?
  • Do you choose options without plastic packaging when possible?


Transport and storage

  • Do you consider where the food you’re buying or eating has come from, and how it has got to you?
  • Do you store food to keep it as fresh for as long as possible?
  • Do you use environmentally friendly storage containers?


Preparation and consumption

  • Do you plan the meals you are going to make and use the food you have bought?
  • Do you cook in batches when possible?
  • Do you always eat the quantity of food you have bought and prepared?
  • Do you get creative about using ingredients that will go bad if you don’t eat them soon?
  • Do you keep leftovers for the following day, or freeze food so you can eat it later?


Disposal and reuse

  • Do you separate your waste?
  • Do you use your food scraps to make compost or use an organic waste bin?


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