Transcript: The history of fast fashion quiz

Question 1:

True or false: The term ‘fast fashion’ was first used, with its contemporary meaning, in 1950.



This statement is FALSE. ‘Fast fashion’ was first used in 1989 by a journalist writing about the brand Zara.


Question 2:

True or false: Since the 1990s, the growth of fast fashion brands has slowed down significantly.



It’s FALSE. Since the first online retail purchase in 1994, the fast fashion industry has grown enormously as a result of the popularity of online shopping.


Question 3:

True or false: ‘Slop shops’ were where wealthy people’s clothing was made in the 17th century.


The answer is – FALSE. ‘Slop shops’ were secondhand clothing stores. The wealthy had their clothes tailored.


Question 4:

In 2018 the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion was established.



This statement is TRUE. The Alliance is committed to changing the path of fashion and reducing its negative impacts. You can find out more at


Question 5:

True or false: In 2022, fast fashion retailers began losing money in most countries.



It’s FALSE. Despite a growing awareness of the lack of sustainable practices in the industry, as of 2022, fast fashion brands were projected to reach a $40+ billion global market by 2025.


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