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Mia grinning.Engineering is a large and diverse field, and Mia, who is organising the industry booth, is keen to show visitors the exciting roles that exist in the engineering world. She has put together a job board displaying advertisements for different types of roles. Mia hopes that visitors to the booth will browse the job board to get a better idea of the skills and qualifications they might need if they want to apply for these types of positions now or in the future.

Mia knows there will be lots of high school students and other young adults at the booth who might not have worked in the industry or had their first professional role yet. She expects there to be some questions, so she’s put together Q&As for each job advertisement.

The job advertisements will be shown on a tablet, and visitors to the booth can look through them, read the extra information, and ask Mia any additional questions. She’s also included some links to online tutorials which can help improve the skills mentioned in the ads.

Select a job advertisement on the job board tablet Mia has prepared to read more about the role and find out if it’s something that might interest you.

Ellis Hayz Space Technologies. The space sector is hiring now. Aerospace Engineer - SpacecraftBradfield & Butler Group. Job Vacancy: Civil Engineer - TransportationTRK Farming is hiring! Mechanical Engineer


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