Transcript: Festival hazard likelihood quiz

Hazard: A drunk and disorderly attendee.


Question 1: What do you think is the likelihood of this hazard occurring?

Considerations: We’re not going to provide alcohol at the festival, but there are always a few who think it’s a good idea to sneak alcohol in, right? There will be someone checking bags at the front, so it won’t be easy, but I guess some could slip through.

Likelihood of hazard:

a) Very likely;

b) Possible;

c) Very unlikely.



b) Possible.


Question 2: How severe do you think the consequences would be if this hazard occurred?

Considerations: It’d be annoying for other attendees and staff, and might involve having to remove people from the festival or providing drunk attendees with water and a place to sit.

Severity of hazard consequences:

a) Negligible (minor discomfort or inconvenience);

b) Low (on-site first aid required);

c) Severe (fatality or permanent disability).



a) Negligible (minor discomfort or inconvenience).


Question 3: What risk rating should this hazard be given?

a) Medium;

b) High;

c) Low.



c) Low.


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