Testing your online learning skills

Even if you’re great at using social media, communicating with others online in an academic or professional environment is a separate skill that needs to be learnt and practised.

You might be almost ready to start successfully working with others online right now. Or perhaps you need some tips to set you on the right path.

Take the quiz below to assess your online learning skills.

A student sitting at their desk and looking at their computerDon’t forget to check the answer to each question and read the feedback as you go. (10 minutes)

Quiz transcript

Online collaboration skills are essential in higher education and are in growing demand in the workforce. Working with classmates online at uni will allow you to develop these skills and help you navigate digital interactions with your future colleagues.

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  • Online skills are important at uni, and also professionally. Cara is a bit nervous about a virtual presentation she needs to give to festival stakeholders. Check out the tips Sammie gives her on presenting in an online meeting.(10 to 20 minutes)

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  • Boost your online learning skills and gain more confidence communicating and collaborating with others online by exploring the tutorials in the Online learning skills module.
  • Working with others online can be tricky, but it’s a skill you can improve. The Navigating online group work tutorials will help you succeed in online group work and delivering presentations. (20 to 30 minutes for each tutorial)
  • Check out the Using discussion boards tutorials to learn more about posting on academic discussion boards and how to give your classmates feedback on their work. (35 minutes)


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