Economics and marketing job board

Read the economics and marketing job board and start preparing for your future career…

Bo smiling and winkingSome of the people who come to the industry booths at the Salty Creek Community Festival will be looking for jobs, and some will just be looking for inspiration. Bo, the festival’s budget and marketing advisor, is in charge of running the Economics and Marketing Industry Booth. They’ve put together a job board for the booth that shows how varied the roles in economics and marketing can be. They’ve put the roles up on a tablet so that visitors to the booth can read the job advertisements and ask Bo any questions they have.

Bo has already considered what visitors to the booth might ask and has prepared some answers ahead of time. They’ve also got some suggestions prepared to help guide people to online tutorials that can help improve the skills mentioned in the ads.

Select the advertisements on the job board Bo has prepared for the booth and see whether any of them appeal to you.

A tablet screen with three job advertisement bannersVacancy: Business Resilience Officer. Salty Shire Council now hiringCHERP Nova University. We Are Hiring: Health Economics Research AssistantLa Inventiva Marketing - We're Hiring! Digital Marketing Assistant


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