Studying economics Q&As

Is studying economics just about money? What does economics have to do with sustainability? What kind of job can you get with an economics degree?

These are some of the questions the Salty Creek Community Festival’s resident economics expert, Bo, has answered on this Q&A poster for the Economics and Marketing Industry Booth.

Bo smilingBo discovered a passion for environmental economics during their first degree (bachelor’s) and is now doing a second degree in the area (master’s).

Listen to Bo’s answers or read their responses in the graphic below for some insight into higher education and economics.

Infographic transcript 

Take Bo’s advice and get a head start building your time management and online learning skills by following these links:

Take this quiz to test your online learning skills (10 minutes)
Read Bo’s blog post: ‘Catching the thief of time: How I improved my time management skills’ (8 minutes)


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