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Hazard: A bushfire spreads rapidly through the area and the festival grounds.

Consequence: Damage to property, injuries, and loss of life.


  • Salty Creek is located in an area prone to bushfires in the summer months.
  • The festival is being held in the summer.
  • There are no current bushfires in the area.
  • The festival will be held in an open field with some surrounding bush areas.


Food poisoning:

Hazard: Food from a food truck is contaminated.

Consequence: Mass food poisoning.


  • The food trucks and prep areas all have refrigeration.
  • All food providers are from the local area and will not be travelling long distances to get to the festival.
  • Food providers contracted for the festival are professional operators with the correct permits, licenses and food handling training.



Hazard: An unexpected lack of safe drinking water.

Consequence: Dehydration.


Drinking water will be/can be supplied from multiple sources:

  • The festival grounds have access to the municipal water supply.
  • There will also be water filtration systems and mobile water stations.
  • Water bottled in plastic will not be sold at the festival, but it is held in large quantities in local supermarkets.



Hazard: High temperatures.

Consequence: Contractors, organisers, volunteers, and/or attendees suffer from sunstroke.


  • The average summer high in Salty Creek is 27 degrees, but temperatures have been known to reach the high 30s on occasion.
  • People of all ages will be coming to the festival, but 16-20 is the age group likely to have the most attendees.
  • Symptoms of sunstroke┬ácan range from a headache and red skin to loss of consciousness and damage to organs.
  • There is natural shade offered by trees and bush surrounding the festival grounds, but the grounds themselves are exposed to the sun.


Slips, trips, and falls:

Hazards: Slippery surfaces, exposed cords, uneven surfaces etc.

Consequence: Contractors, organisers, volunteers, or attendees slip, trip, or fall during set up or the event and are injured.


These accidents could be due to things like:

  • Slippery surfaces after rain.
  • Exposed cords and construction equipment.
  • Uneven surfaces (the festival grounds are in a field with natural slopes).
  • Damaged or poorly maintained equipment like lighting, tents, or stage equipment.
  • Children and the elderly, people under the influence of alcohol, or suffering from dehydration, sunstroke, or other issues may be unstable on their feet.
  • Stairs and ramps can be tripping hazards, especially for those with mobility limitations.


Crowd crush:

Hazard: Overcrowding at the front of the stage.

Consequence: Attendees are injured.


  • Crowd crush injuries can range from bruises and cuts to much more severe injuries such as broken bones, and internal organ damage.
  • The artists in the festival lineup are local talent rather than famous musicians with large followings.
  • The standing area at the front of the stage is not fenced, allowing the audience to spread out if necessary.
  • While music festivals in large cities often draw crowds of 20-50,000 per day, the Salty Creek Community Festival is only expecting approximately 2000 attendees over the weekend.


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