Transcript: Health Economics Research Assistant FAQs

What does ‘fixed term’ mean?

A fixed-term contract is an agreement to work for a specific amount of time. It might be weeks, months, or years, but there is an end date. Sometimes these contracts are extended for additional periods of time. Fixed-term employees have the same rights as permanent employees, such as sick leave and predictable working hours.

What’s a quantitative discipline?

An area of study which focuses on collecting and analysing numerical datasets, graphs, and charts. Examples of quantitative disciplines include economics, mathematics, statistics, and engineering.

What does ‘Key Selection Criteria’ mean?

Key Selection Criteria (KSC) are the qualifications, skills, and experience an applicant would ideally need to do a specific role.

Addressing the KSC involves writing a statement, which is usually one or two pages long, responding to each criterion by explaining how you fulfil the requirements and giving specific examples. It helps the employer or recruiter narrow down applications before the interview stage. Not all jobs ask you to respond to a KSC, but it is a common requirement for government roles.

Tip: Many universities run workshops and offer support to help students learn how to write KSC and look for jobs.


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