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Are you the type of person who loves interacting with others on social media? Do you like creating digital content like short-form articles or videos, and then checking analytics to see how successful it is? Have you thought about a career in digital marketing?

Read the job advertisement for a Digital Marketing Assistant to get an idea of what this kind of role involves, and what employers look for in applicants.

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La Inventiva Marketing - We're Hiring! Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketing Assistant

La Inventiva Marketing

$63,000 – $71,000 + superannuation

Start building your career in digital marketing with La Inventiva Marketing (LIM) – huge learning opportunities and clear pathways to advance quickly + WFH!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Full time
  • Flexibility to WFH* or in our Melbourne office
  • Optional mentor program


LIM is a vibrant and exciting marketing agency based in Victoria. Since 2016 we have specialised in social media, website design, PPC* and SEO*. We’re looking for a passionate, early-career marketing assistant who is ready to start making a name for themselves in the industry.

 In this role you will be responsible for:

  • providing all-round digital marketing support to the Digital Marketing Manager and team
  • creating social marketing campaigns across various platforms
  • creating short and long-form content including emails, articles, and websites
  • reviewing digital analytics and recommending changes to reach outcomes.

The ideal candidate will have the following attributes and experience:

  • a tertiary qualification in a related field (Bachelor of Marketing, Business, etc.) — recent graduates welcome!
  • a demonstrated understanding of social content development and awareness of what’s trending on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • preliminary understanding of digital privacy guidelines, website analytics, and website management
  • ability to complete tasks both autonomously and collaboratively
  • ability to manage priorities and deliver work within project deadlines
  • strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • intermediate to advanced knowledge of online graphic design tools.*


To apply, submit your cover letter and CV. Please include your portfolio or links to any digital sites which showcase your work and support your application. Interviews will be held online.

FAQs transcript

There are many pathways which can lead to a career in digital marketing. This company is looking for an applicant with a university qualification in a related area.  Having a degree in something like business, marketing, advertising, or communication design is a great first step into digital marketing. A relevant qualification indicates to employers that an applicant has had the opportunity to learn about the latest industry tools, regulations, and marketing strategies, and has already developed their skills through coursework. Uni courses also give students the chance to improve the skills mentioned in this advertisement, like communication, collaboration, and time management.

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