Transcript: Sammie’s report notes Q1

Based on this information, which of these things should Sammie do to cater to their audience? Select all that apply.

a) Use formal language to convey meaning to the readers in a clear and professional manner.

b) Include acronyms and industry-specific jargon to show specialised knowledge of the industry.

c) Use emotive language to elicit an emotional response from readers.

d) Include popular culture references to help readers relate to the report content.

e) Assume the readers don’t know anything about the Salty Creek Community Festival and explain the festival’s focus and purpose in detail.

f) Keep the report as clear and concise as possible while also including the relevant details.



If you selected A:

Yes. As a report is a form of professional communication, formal language is the most appropriate.

If you selected B:

The people reading the report are not necessarily experts in festival organisation, data collection, or event management. Sammie can assume they have a basic knowledge of these things, but they should keep the report as clear as possible by explaining acronyms and avoiding jargon.

If you selected C:

Reports are supposed to convey information in a clear, concise, and objective manner. Emotional language might undermine the objectivity of the report, as it is used in writing to influence the reader to feel a certain way. It can also give the impression that the writer is biased and is writing with a personal agenda rather than giving factual information.

If you selected D:

Popular culture references might be a good way to connect to a reader of a blog post or article, but it is not appropriate to include them in a formal document like a report. Sammie doesn’t need to make the report more intriguing or engaging, they just need to include the information that covers the committee’s reporting requirements.

If you selected E:

Although Sammie should avoid using complicated jargon and acronyms that the readers might not be familiar with, they shouldn’t over-explain every detail. The festival committee has been involved since the beginning, so they don’t need a lot of background information, just the things relevant to the industry booths.

If you selected F:

Yes. Sammie should make sure that the report is straight to the point and offers only relevant details. Reports should be straightforward and not require the reader to infer any information. Reports shouldn’t be longer than necessary as they are generally read for business purposes rather than leisure. Readers want to gain the necessary information in as little time as possible.


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