Transcript: Examples of logical fallacies multiple choice quiz

Question 1:

Mia is chatting with a local at the pub.

Local in the pub: You work at Fardle Mining, right? What’s it like working there?

Mia: Yeah, I’m an environmental engineer and advisor there. There’s a lot to be done to reduce damage to the environment, so I’m pretty busy, but lots of good changes are being made.

Local in the pub: Oh, you’re one of those environmental fanatics! Want to introduce a carbon tax? I’ll tell you something, once that happens, it won’t be long until everyday folk can’t even afford to heat their homes in the winter, let alone petrol for their cars.

What type of argument is the local man making in response to hearing about Mia’s role?

a) Anecdotal;

b) Slippery Slope or;

c) Genetic Argument.


Question 2:

Mia is discussing the merits of solar panels with a colleague.

Colleague: Solar power isn’t a good idea – I’ve heard that solar panels take more energy to make than they produce.

Mia: Actually, research shows that the energy involved in making a solar panel is recovered by its third year of use, and these days they’re made to last more than twenty-five years.

Colleague: Ha! I saw that article in The Shire Advocate too. Fake news! They can’t be trusted. Everyone knows they post nothing but propaganda.

What type of logical fallacy is Mia’s colleague trying to use to rebut her comments?

a) Slippery Slope;

b) Anecdotal;

c) Genetic Argument.


Question 3:

Mia is talking to her uncle about her role as an environmental advisor at Doug Fardle Mining.

Uncle: Sammie tells me you’ve got a new position over at Fardle…

Mia: Yeah, I’ve been doing some environmental advising there for a while, and they’ve just made me Head of Environmental Sustainability.

Uncle: Hmm, what’s that involve?

Mia: I think it’s going to be pretty varied, but I’ve been doing audits and making sure the company is meeting guidelines and following policy. This week I actually delivered some new policy proposals! There was a bit of hesitance from the company, but it feels like I’m in a good position to push for change.

Uncle: If you ask me, you’re wasting your time and effort. I worked for a company like that and tried to make positive change and they just ignored me. They paid me to do the research and advising, but they didn’t consider any of my proposals. It’ll be the same for you. All big companies are like that.

Mia: Wow. Sounds like a pretty disillusioning experience you had in that role. It’s a pity they didn’t appreciate your insight. It’s your personal experience, though. It doesn’t mean that my role will be the same. In fact, two years ago the company designed a framework for sustainable reporting and last year they actioned 60% of the proposals made by my predecessor. So, I’m pretty optimistic.

What type of argument is Mia’s uncle using to say her job is a waste of time?

a) Slippery Slope;

b) Genetic Argument;

c) Anecdotal.



Question 1 – a) Slippery Slope.

Question 2 – c) Genetic Argument.

Question 3 – c) Anecdotal.


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