Ordering hand sanitiser

Mia is in charge of buying hand sanitiser for the festival. See how she is using calculation and conversion to make sure she orders enough…

Mia smiling.
Mia, the Engineering and Safety Advisor for the Salty Creek Community Festival, is busy calculating all the supplies that the festival needs while also trying to stick to a budget. The festival is required to provide hand sanitiser by the toilets, for health and safety compliance. Mia needs to know how much they’ll need to purchase and what it’s going to cost.


First, help Mia figure out how much hand sanitiser she needs to order.

three hand sanitiser dispensers

Calculating supply fill in the blanks activity transcript

Mia’s found a local supplier with a good price on an American brand of hand sanitiser. It comes in bottles that hold 1 US gallon of sanitiser and cost $50 each.

Can you figure out how many bottles the festival needs to purchase and the total order cost?

A large jug representing 1 US gallon with equals sign and three litre bottles and one partial bottle, representing 3.785 litres.

Converting units fill in the blanks activity transcript

Converting between units and calculating the cost of supplies is important not only when you’re planning a town festival, but also in everyday life—when shopping for household items, cooking a new recipe, or budgeting for a party.

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