Transcript: Speech pathology case study card activity

Card 1:

Front of Card:

Child with speech and language delay.

Back of Card:

Alex is a five-year-old child whose family moved to Australia two years ago. Although Alex has been going to childcare and kindergarten since he arrived in Australia, his vocabulary has not grown at the expected rate for his age, and he only speaks in short sentences. Alex gets frustrated and upset easily, especially when he is trying to communicate something and is unable to do so. This behaviour is isolating him from his friends at kindergarten. Alex has been diagnosed with a speech and language delay and will be working with a speech pathologist to help him communicate and participate in the same activities as other kids his age.


Card 2:

Front of Card:

Woman recovering from a stroke.

Back of Card:

Joanna is a fifty-one-year-old woman who works as a university tutor. Just over three months ago she had a stroke and developed aphasia, which is a language disorder caused by injury to specific parts of the brain. Joanna has recently returned to work and has noticed that she struggles to pronounce words she could say easily before, and sometimes she uses words she didn’t intent to say. This has caused her to lose confidence at work and develop anxiety around communication. Joanna has consulted with a speech pathologist and together they are designing an intervention program to meet her needs and rebuild her confidence.


Card 3:

Front of Card:

Teenager unable to use verbal language.

Back of Card:

Mica is a thirteen-year-old boy who is unable to use verbal language to communicate due to Cerebral Palsy. He communicates with his family using sign language but wants ways to communicate with people who do not know sign language. The speech pathologist at Mica’s school has organised some sessions to teach Mica how to use assistive technology to communicate. Together, they are practising using devices and apps that allow Mica to communicate more easily with people who do not know sign language.


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