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Teryn Attwell

Teryn (she/her) is a learning designer, educator, and English language content creator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History, a Graduate Diploma of Education (EAL and humanities), and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching. After a decade teaching English in secondary schools and language schools in Australia, England, Vietnam and Spain, Teryn embraced the idea of a career pivot in 2020 and began creating online learning content. In 2021, she moved from teaching to learning design at RMIT University Library. Integral to Teryn’s practice is an interest in authentic learning and assessment.


Kelly Ann Smith

Kelly Ann (she/her) is a learning designer and digital resource developer with a background in teaching, librarianship, technical writing and research. The common thread throughout her work has been empowering others, and she is passionate about fighting systemic inequities and facilitating a sense of self-efficacy in students. Kelly Ann has been excited to create content for the LLCC project as a learning designer and to organise student feedback through online focus groups. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Germanic Studies, a Master of Library and Information Science, and a Master in Teaching, and is an accredited teacher in Australia and the US.


Riley Barber

Riley (she/her) graduated with a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at RMIT University in 2021. She has previously worked in the media, delivering curated news to a global audience on a digital platform. While studying for her degree, she volunteered as one of the Editors-in-Chief of the student-run publication, The Swanston Gazette. Her areas of interest lie in helping students thrive in an academic environment and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed. She joined the RMIT Library’s Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program (HEPPP) as a content development officer, researching, editing and reviewing the content before it is delivered to students.


Azadeh Mobasheri

Azadeh (she/her) was granted a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics in 2014 from The University of Melbourne. Previously, she taught Masters Qualifications Program and Academic English to international students. In recent years, however, she has become increasingly interested in digital teaching and learning and therefore completed a Graduate Certificate in eLearning from the University of New England. Her areas of interest include creating online interactive content, accessibility and inclusion in learning and teaching, with a growing interest in creating animated educational videos. Azadeh’s role in the Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program project at RMIT University Library was a learning designer and co-lead.


About the contributors

Jack Dunstan

Jack’s (he/him) experience in frontline health care delivery, accessibility, disability support, web multimedia development gives him in a holistic approach to online resource development in addressing equity. His time at RMIT as an educational developer has allowed him the opportunity to bring the insights from these experiences together. He’s been a key part in the development of dozens of sharable materials, mostly within Vocational Education, and a champion of Open Educational Resources that are supported by Open Source technologies.


Mik Efford

Mik (he/him) is an Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and educator. He holds a BA (Hons) in Industrial Design from RMIT and a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Design from Curtin University. He’s previously worked as a sessional academic at RMIT within the Industrial Design department and at Curtin University in the Design Department. He’s otherwise been a practicing freelance designer for over 20 years, working mainly for non-profits such as Oxfam and AEF and small businesses. His involvement in HEPPP is as a subject matter expert in STEM related content.


AJ Penrose

AJ (she/her) is a digital story-teller with over 20 years experience in the web/multimedia industry and is a passionate advocate of diversity and accessibility online. AJ enjoys exploring emerging technology and is especially happy while code-sleuthing, illustrating and animating for the Digital Learning, Library team.

Character voice-overs performed by

Teryn Attwell

Riley Barber

Nicole Lampton

Alexander Mee

AJ Penrose

Chittesh Shukla


The work of the Open Scholarship Team at RMIT University Library has given us a great foundation to work from when developing this book, particularly the OER Capability Toolkit by Julian Blake; Jane Halson; Ian Kolk; Anne Lennox; Stuart Moffat; Frank Ponte; Rebecca Rata; and Carrie Thomas.

We would like to thank the members of the two student focus groups who reviewed this content and offered valuable feedback from the learner’s perspective.

Additionally, a special thank you to the following people for their advice and support in the development of this resource:

Dr. Lisa Cianci

Howard Errey

David Howard

Meg Ivory

Katherine Jarvie

Leanne McCann


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