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Cara smilingCara, who is a Youth and Community specialist, has put together a selection of advertisements for the job board at the Social Sector Industry Booth. Not everyone will be looking for a job at the festival, but she knows there will be people looking for inspiration. Cara wants to show visitors that the industry has a broad range of professions and opportunities, and that at the heart of the social sector is the guiding principle of wanting to help individuals and communities.

Cara has spent years talking to people about the social sector, so she’s already anticipated lots of the questions she might be asked. She’s prepared some answers ahead of time to make sure nobody is put off by ‘job speak’, acronyms, or new concepts. What’s more, she’s collected resources that visitors can explore and start developing vital industry skills and knowledge.

Select an advertisement on the job board tablet to read about the role and find out more about what the social sector involves. You might even discover your future career path!

tablet screen with three job advertisement bannersShire Specialist Education Services. We're hiring: Schools Speech PathologistVacancy - Social Policy Officer: Community Wellbeing. Salty Shire Council Now Hiring. More information...Rural Refugee Outreach Centre. Now Hiring: Mental Health Promotion Officer


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